1. What in one sentence best describes the idea of Project “Awaken I”?

Good Work for All.

God centered generation of sustainable livelihoods for all through the development of an “abundance inspired” consciousness.

2. The idea in more depth:

The recent meltdown of the global economy and the rise in violence all over the world both  point to basic flaws in the way  people “work” on the planet.

Work being done by   many people today is toxic…..  to themselves, to other people and to the  planet. It often carries unnecessary risks to workers, is stifling to the spirit and does not generate “True Wealth”. Local economies everywhere are threatened by economic globalization, and yet jobs for local markets can often be created at a fraction of the cost of jobs for global markets. In the 'developed countries', many skilled workers are unemployed whilst 'developing countries' often suffer from severe skills shortages.

The project addresses this by Creating a New Paradigm and Process   of work which is soulful, innovative, using local resources and in harmony with the environment.

All the knowledge and experience that is needed to   create new approaches to “Good Work” exist on the planet. These resources   are, however, not connected to each other or to the people who can use them.

The project will serve to Connect all the relevant resources and provide a “support system ‘for Source centered local enterprise. “Source” here refers to the creative intelligence that runs all of Life. This Source is available to all 24/7 and can guide and inspire our efforts to be effective in this area.

Governments are often stuck in archaic paradigms of “development” and lack the Innovative leadership to respond to these needs. The absence of enlightened Leadership is a big bottleneck for the required chemistry to happen.

The project will develop and support a community of “I Catalysts ” to take the “awaken I “ process forward. These will be people who will awaken others to Source centered Inspiration, Innovation, Initiative and   Integration.

3. What problem or issue does the Project Awaken I address?

The key problems that this project addresses are:

  1. Unemployment (and its attending ills like low self esteem, terrorism, drug addiction etc.);
  2. Poverty – awaken I helps to create sustainable and joyful livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women and youth and helps to bring them to mainstream of society
  3. Soulless and Boring work….work which does not use ones natural talents and aptitudes, and which is often far away from ones local community;
  4. The erosion of local economies and local crafts and cultures due to rampant globalization of work;
  5. Environmentally non sustainable and unsafe work; and a
  6. Breakdown of Community and erosion of the cohesion between diverse people.

4. Who would benefit the most and how?

Target Group- underprivileged women and youth in the age group of 18-35 years (for women age limit is 45 years). currently we are operational in urban and rural parts of Maharashtra. But soon would be expanding our program in other parts of country.

Who: The idea would benefit the poor unemployed or underemployed and marginalized people of the planet to start with.

How: Through a radical shift in attitudes and practices, and with a low cost support system, they would be able to generate sustainable livelihoods locally for themselves.

Who: It would benefit the many people caught up in soulless and exhausting jobs.

How: By enabling people to find what they love doing, and also giving them a simple process to work with others to do so, people would be working closer to their families and also closer to nature.

Who:Many people who have the time and money to share/volunteer would also benefit

How: They would volunteer their support as Teachers, Mentors,  Connectors and as  I Catalysts.

Joy, Peace, Abundance, Health for People(those who serve and those who receive the service) both leading to maximizing  the creation of true wealth.

5. What services are offered by Pragati Founation under its Awaken I program

  • Specific Services provided to Beneficiaries are:- Counselling Aptitude/ Interest/ Personality Assessment Career Awareness & Guidance Spoken/ Functional English Classes

     Attitudinal & Soft skill training though ‘Awakening to Abundance’ program

     Vocational Training (directly or through partner organizations)

     Entrepreneurship Development programs

     Job Fairs

     Marketing and Networking support

     Mentoring

     Recognition through awards

     Nurturing and Creation of Role Models and community leaders for change whom we call with love our “Jugnus’ in the community

6. How can I support this initiative?

Your support is most valuable to us. Please go through options of how you can help and contact Pragati Foundation through email or phone.

Some options are:

 Donate to us (all donations are exempted from income tax under 80G, we are also registered under FCRA)

 Volunteer with us

 Help selling products of the beneficiaries. Give them orders.

 Refer an underprivileged to us

 Recruit our beneficiaries

 Join us as Soft skill trainer or as vocational trainer (jewelry trainer, bag making, any other) or as English and computer trainer

7. How to contact Pragati Foundation?

Contact Pragati foundation by either writing email or calling us on phone given at contact us option.

 Telephone – 020- 25885704;

Email id:pragatifoundationpune@gmail.com

 Address -10, GaneshKrupa, Sanewadi, Aundh, Pune 411007