Micro Entrepreneurs

A shy girl, a back bencher, turns into a dynamic craftsperson trainer & an entrepreneur

Pratiksha Kamble, 21yrs,tall, shy, stay at home, doing her FYBA externally……  not allowed to go beyond community area or talk to boys was completely disappointed with life. She lacked self-confidence and self esteem.  She was resigned to a life of waiting to get married, same as her sister.   Her parents got worried seeing her in despair.

It was at this time that on insistence of community leader, Shobha Ughade  she joined the Pragati Foundation’s “Awakening to Abundance” (A2A) program In this program she was smoothly and systematically facilitated to get connected to her natural talents and listening to her inner voice.   Pratiksha Says “I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I have qualities to become an entrepreneur.  Hurray!

After aptitude test Pratiksha decided to join 3 months Jewelry Making course run by Pragati Foundation.  Pratiksha says, that expecting nothing, taking all that came in her stride she learnt the skills of jewelry making.  At first, she says, she didn’t understand a thing. Everything was foreign! She couldn’t conceive of jewelry made from wire & beads. She didn’t even know such things are available or where the market is……innocent, naïve, very little exposure!

After motivation and guidance from her mentors Mr.Pritesh Dagur and Ms.Usha Srikant, she started her business in Jewelry making with initial investment Rs 500/- in the year 2012.   Many obstacles came – family resistance,  talking to strangers, arriving at right price for her product, marketing it, travelling on new streets, and so on but she overcame with support of her mentors.

Apart from jewelry making she also learnt the art of training aspiring women in Jewelry making.  Today she is a certified trainer and a businesswoman.  Pratiksha till date has done 500+ hrs. of training and sold goods worth Rs 2 lac.  Self-confidence, self-esteem, increased support &respect from family and community came along with earnings….

She fearlessly and confidently meets people moves about the whole city training, selling & learning about jewelry. She says “I carry my pouch of jewelry wherever I go, even to weddings. I proudly show my creations, talk about them and make sales too”.   She feels free and is Happy!

She is moving forward, valuing customers, enjoying the process and opening up, ready to walk the digital path…..facebook…..online sales……the world is round it has no limits…


Driver to Dairy Farm Owner- an entrepreneur’s story


“I (Nilesh Shinde) am 10th class drop out.  I have worked as a garbage vehicle driver, delivery man, sole bread earner for my family.  I am a dreamer and always wanted to go back to my village and work with Animals.  Passionate to the point of adding pet to my family as family member and taking full care of them with meager income I use to get.  It was Pragati  Foundation which has helped me to realize and articulate my dream to run a dairy Farm.  My mentor showed confidence in me and invested in my business, so that I can start my dream project.   Today I have 6 cows, 5 calves and 2 bulls”