From  a life of desperation to a life of choice through Pragati Foundation

“This is what makes the work of Pragati Foundation different from other organizations. It does not impose , order or force or take the needs of the less privileged for granted  but it gives those people what they need in order to make their live s better  by enabling them to know their potential and interests and letting them attain what they wish to do .This is how Pragati Foundation helps the needy and less privileged by treating them equally as any other through their project “awaken i “

I hated studies and I liked hair styling and soon I found myself part of session conducted by the famous Jawed Habib Hair Salon Chain, and guess what ?  I am now working in one of their salons I get a great  sense of pride in his achievement. He says I am now earning Rs 15,000 per month,

Sumeet Bhalerao

Working at Habib Hair Saloon as Hair Stylist

Location- Deccan, Pune

Sales job to designer work

I would say, joyful job leads to joyful life.. I am so happy in my job at “Bajara”.  I do retail selling we are group of young girls, enjoying together, working together, learning together.  We get enough time to read and study further during our job time and our owner allows us to grow ourselves further.  I keep accounts also for them, for which they pay me extra.  My salary currently is around Rs 10,000. Per month.  Thanks to Pragati Foudnation, for keeping in touch with our owner, checking on our progress and guiding them on how to support her to develop further in our carrier..


Kalyani Bhalerao

Working at “Bajara” as Sales Executive,

Location –  Baner, Pune