• Pragati Foundation (PF) has come a long way since its humble beginning in 1992. Over 5000 underprivileged women &  youth have passed through the PF’s experience and have come out brimming with self-confidence, joyfulness, empathy, peace and dignity.
  • With a vision “Good work for all” and  with a dream to empower deprived women and youth by awakening people to the power of their own divine essence & creativity a group of caring persons formed Pragati Foundation in the year 1992.  Pragati a hindi word meaning “evolution’ is at heart of our work at PF
  • In the past years we have contributed to the development of Educational Institutions and NGOs through customized training programs and workshops on different themes and topics. These programs have focused on enhancing skills and practices on various aspects of Human Development. We have worked extensively with youth and women who are deprived and underprivileged to bring them into the mainstream of society.