Awaken I- our Solution to sustainable Livelihood

Awaken I bridges the gap between job vacancies or entrepreneurial opportunities and the unemployable talent in India.

Pragati Foundation drive this national agenda for inclusive growth, by catering to the needs of poor.  It is designed to benefit the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ Campaign, it aims to position India as the skill capital of world

Pragati Foundation’s Awaken I program plays the role of a catalyst in addressing  the  issues of 1) low awareness 2) gaps in knowledge and information about livelihood opportunities 3) lack of skills in finding suitable job and setting up businesses and 4) the lack of mentoring and counselling support to young people to earn sustainable  & joyful livelihood .


We play the role of Catalysts enabling the following:

  • Mobilizing young people in urban slums & rural areas
  • Identify their aptitude and interest
  • Guide them on careers/ entrepreneurial ventures
  • Conducting A2A ( Awakening to Abundance)
  • Identify and enroll Youth & Women for enhancing their job related skills through technical training (Beauty, Jewelry making, Gym Training, etc.)
  • Collaborate with multiple agencies & Support them