Past Initiatives

A) Women and Health – Maharastra (MAHWAH) 1998 to 2000
A multi-regional Collaborative effort to promote comprehensive, gender sensitive, sustainable health care for all, with special concern for women and girl children, and other disadvantaged persons throughout the stages of their lives.

B) Creating Inspiring NGOs: Creating Inspiring NGOs was a systematic planned intervention specially designed for NGOs and Institutions to make them inspired and productive, to develop the competencies of individuals and make the overall mission inspiring to all. Some client we resourced were CHETNA, BSSK, Ashoka Foundation and UNICEF etc.

C) Peace Initiatives: The Pragati Foundation initiated peace process between India & Pakistan. This initiative aimed at mobilizing constructive action for a glorious, peaceful future for Jammu & Kashmir and wholesome development in the world.

D) J & K Project (Muthi Camp) for Migrant Women

Activities Undertaken:

  • Vocational Training in embroidery for 10 beneficiaries.
  • Seeking network partners for marketing the embroidered products
  • A CD comprising of inspirational songs to motivate the entrepreneurial energy has been created and launched in 2010